The EPA: Another power grab

| Sunday, July 13, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

As if the Environmental Protection Agency needs even more power to enforce its climate-change agenda, the Obama administration's eco-extremists now want to garnish the salaries of those who don't abide by its rules, a la the IRS.

The EPA announced its intention in the Federal Register as a “direct final rule,” which would become effective automatically on Sept. 2 “unless the EPA receives adverse public comments by Aug. 1,” reports The Washington Times. But not to worry — the EPA assures this isn't a “significant regulatory action.”

Tell that to private property owners who have come up on the losing end of disagreements with the EPA. This is the same thuggish agency that fined a Wyoming property owner $75,000 for creating a pond on rural land.

Now the EPA would have another weapon to “encourage” cooperation and dissuade court challenges from citizens and businesses that disagree with its diktats.

“(I)t seems like once again the EPA is trying to take power it doesn't have away from American citizens,” says Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo. And what better time to do so than during the lazy, hazy days of summer?

In a letter submitted to the EPA, The Heritage Foundation criticized the rule for giving the government “unbridled discretion.” But it's doubtful public outcry will stop this power grab. Which is why Congress needs to intervene to stop yet another gross abuse of power.

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