Restoring order

| Monday, Aug. 11, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

As U.S. jet fighters return to Iraq's airspace, political pundits carpet-bomb American foreign policy and President Obama putters around Martha's Vineyard, the nation's malaise grows increasingly palpable.

This worsening mood crosses ideological divides. Collectively, it amounts to “a country that feels ‘everything is terrible,'” according to one analyst.

Even the president's media allies who support his “hope and change” regardless of how hopeless his policies turn out are turning against him. The latest “straw” (but probably not the last) is U.S. airstrikes to restore order (was there ever any?) in Iraq.

“I've been trying to figure out this man's doctrine now for six years,” NBC reporter Chuck Todd said on Sunday's “Meet the Press.” “He doesn't have one … .”

In fairness, the long-standing mess in Iraq predates Mr. Obama's tenure. What made situations worse, there and elsewhere, is the projection of U.S. weakness — meaningless “red lines,” an ineffectual response to Russian belligerence and, most recently, the U.S. tucking tail in Libya. Indecision and weakness have opened wide the door for ISIS, a brand of Islamofascists worse than al-Qaida.

For this, Americans have reason to feel frustrated, even angry. But malaise must not translate into inaction on Election Day. Restoring America's spirit begins by rejecting those in Congress whose profound failure has been to allow Barack Obama to walk over them.

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