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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: Air Force files shed no light on truth about Kecksburg’s UFO incident

By Eric Heyl
The truth about the Kecksburg UFO incident is out there somewhere. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, you won’t find it among 130,000 declassified Air Force documents recently posted online. They detail military investigations of UFO activity in American airspace from 1947 to 1969, ...

Heyl: For her moving expense allowance, new airport CEO could buy house

By Eric Heyl
In hiring its new CEO, the Allegheny County Airport Authority appears to have given away the house. That conclusion isn’t based solely on the $295,000 annual salary the authority is paying Christina Cassotis to oversee Pittsburgh International Airport and the ...

Heyl: Wolf — once again — fans the flames of political promotion

By Eric Heyl
Let’s extinguish any potential controversy and give Gov.-elect Tom Wolf credit. He could have taken the easy way out in selecting the state’s top fire official, as West Virginia recently did. Instead, Wolf apparently left no stone unturned in his ...

Heyl: More public officials should ask for investigation of themselves

By Eric Heyl
Cameron McLay is more than just Pittsburgh’s police chief. He also is the city’s highest-ranking anomaly. Public officials rarely request formal probes of their activities. McLay asked the Office of Municipal Investigations to examine whether his social media use violated ...

Heyl: Tourism agency has odd use for your money

By Eric Heyl
It’s not just a tourism agency. It’s a granter of grand desires. Perhaps VisitPittsburgh can assist in fulfilling one of mine. The organization’s mission is to generate convention, trade show and leisure travel business for the Pittsburgh region. But occasionally the ...

Heyl: Security guard turned photographer is accidental guardian of South Hills past

By Eric Heyl
From thousands of negatives have emerged a nostalgic positive. The negatives belong to a man named Zucco. He has a first name — Tom — but it was about as useful as an appendix while the big bald guy patrolled ...

Heyl: Western Pennsylvanians’ savings at the gas pump won’t stay saved for long

By Eric Heyl
Good thing gas prices continue to fall. You’ll likely need the savings you’re realizing to pay for the hits you’ll absorb this year in increased taxes and fees. You thought you were finally, albeit momentarily, ahead of the game? Hardly. You ...

Heyl: Look at Peduto ally’s resume before alleging nepotism (but, really, it was nepotism)

By Eric Heyl
Consider his qualifications before accusing anyone of cronyism. If you do that, you’ll realize the implications that Mark DePasquale is unqualified for his new city of Pittsburgh Department of Parks and Recreation job, or obtained it through political connections, are ...

Heyl: Historian out to ensure Kennywood fans won’t be in dark about past life of park

By Eric Heyl
For a work in progress, Brian Butko’s book is garnering plenty of attention. The historian will be the first to acknowledge that’s undoubtedly because of the magnetic pull of his subject matter, the irresistible draw of one of the nation’s ...

Heyl: Where in the world might Peduto go?

By Eric Heyl
Here’s betting he hits the road again. If 2014 was any indication, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto will spend plenty of time out of town this year. He considers himself the city’s chief ambassador, and one of an ambassador’s primary occupational ...

Heyl: Ex-theater no Garden of eatin’

By Eric Heyl
Even fans of organic food probably wouldn’t want any from this garden. The thought of serving or selling edibles in certain places just isn’t appetizing. ...

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