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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Fourth Street Market serves as oasis in Braddock restaurant desert

By Eric Heyl
When it comes to having a superior dining option, Braddock isn’t as barren a location as people might think. Monica Johnson’s first trip to the ...

Heyl: Brace yourselves, Comcast customers — Newton’s law in full force

By Eric Heyl
Prepare yourself for sticker shock on your Comcast bill. The Federal Communications Commission’s controversial net neutrality decision seems certain to send Comcast rates soaring. The reason why rests with Sir Isaac Newton. The Godfather of Physics’ third law of motion — ...

Heyl: Longtime Pirates fan has long-term designs on his favorite team

By Eric Heyl
Brad Slopey is ready for his annual rite of renewal. As he has done for nearly a quarter of a century, Slopey will board an ...

Heyl: $161M reserve a lot of ‘bread’ that residents might prefer toasted

By Eric Heyl
Most of you probably don’t need a new toaster anyway. But before getting to that, let’s consider the unnecessary apoplexy over state lawmakers having stashed away $161 million in public money for themselves. As will be made clear shortly, the ...

Heyl: Here’s hoping dreary North Side monstrosity’s demolition at hand

By Eric Heyl
The place deserves a date with the wrecking ball. It’s 1.2-million square feet of ugly. It’s a classic example of mid-20th century avant gauche architecture, an uninviting building that looks more like a penitentiary than many actual penitentiaries — sans ...

Heyl: Philly scores Francis, Dems, while ’Burgh touts Chesney, Furries

By Eric Heyl
It’s enough to drive a city to despair. Florida Gov. Rick Scott is coming to Pennsylvania on Monday in an attempt to persuade companies based in the Keystone State to relocate to the Sunshine State. But there will be no ...

Heyl: Shades of gray popular — unless you’re state police commissioner

By Eric Heyl
People are seeing red over Brown’s decision to wear gray. Acting Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Marcus Brown’s choice of occupational attire is ruffling feathers in the state police ranks. He has committed a serious crime of fashion that seems certain ...

Heyl: Western Pa. dominates list of perfect settings for ‘50 Shades of Grey’

By Eric Heyl
Why stop at 50? Gray hues aren’t just found on cinema screens showing “Fifty Shades of Grey.” You probably have heard of the blockbuster movie. It’s the early favorite for next year’s Academy Award for best poorly reviewed film about ...

Heyl: Because allowing liquor licenses should be Wilkinsburg’s top concern

By Eric Heyl
Here’s hoping the teetotalers triumph. If they do, Wilkinsburg’s potential moral compass malfunction will be avoided. If the compass functions correctly, borough residents won’t wander off the straight and sober path they have traveled since 1870. Hopefully, the borough remains ...

Heyl: It would serve ex-con Carlisle well to abandon City Council bid

By Eric Heyl
The uphill climb would be Everest-sized. Not only that, the  ascent Twanda Carlisle would need to make to recapture her Pittsburgh City Council seat would be treacherous. The former public self-servant would be at constant risk of being buried by ...

Heyl: Elected officials stir up recipes for disaster

By Eric Heyl
Care to cook up some trouble? There’s no need for Betty Crocker when so many prominent people are eager to share their  trouble-laden recipes for disaster. Aside from the fact that it is not made from coagulated soy milk curds ...

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