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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: Being fired fresh injury for guard

By Eric Heyl
Seldom in the workforce is heroism apparent grounds for dismissal. That’s what makes John “Sarge” Resetar’s situation so confounding. After risking his life while dutifully performing his job, he was told his services no longer are needed. When Franklin Regional …

Floor art won’t improve footing at Pittsburgh airport

By Eric Heyl
Works of art should be treasured, not tread on. If you owned a Warhol, you wouldn’t encourage people to walk on it, even if they took off their  shoes first. Nor would you invite people to drag  items weighing 50 …

Heyl: For these jobs, let’s do the twist

By Eric Heyl
Have any experience in crisis communication? If so, you might want to respond to the help wanted ads below from agencies and organizations in need of someone expert in the art of positive spin. Be warned: If you apply for …

Heyl: Masloff’s vibrancy endured

By Eric Heyl
Jenny Bradshaw was the only person spotted at Sophie Masloff’s funeral wearing a stethoscope. “I’d stop by to see her every Tuesday,” Masloff’s home health nurse recalled. “She used to kid me that she’d never forget my name because I …

Former Corbett adviser’s skill set not much in demand

By Eric Heyl
NEWS ITEM: Ron Tomalis, Gov. Tom Corbett’s special adviser on higher education, resigned on Tuesday amid allegations he performed little work in that role since stepping down last year as state education secretary. Corbett strongly denied that Tomalis was a …

Heyl: Carnegie Mellon University gets failing mark for aesthetics

By Eric Heyl
The situation at Carnegie Mellon University isn’t pretty. Sure, it’s a world-renowned research institution that has been at the forefront of integrating robot technology into everyday life. Yes, its School of Drama alumni include such Hollywood notables as Ted Danson, …

Heyl: ‘Vietnam’ DJ recalls Williams’ iconic role

By Eric Heyl
It was a signature  moment in a career seemingly full of them: a full-throttle Robin  Williams bellowing, “Good morning, Vietnam!” Adrian Cronauer  originated that catchphrase long before  Williams immortalized it in the 1987 movie of the same name. On Tuesday, …

Heyl: Pittsburgh broadcasting icon Cardille out but not down

By Eric Heyl
Bill Cardille isn’t used to being out of work. “I’ve been in the business for more than 60 years, and I’ve never been unemployed before,” …

Heyl: Warden combats crimes of fashion in Allegheny County

By Eric Heyl
Fashion has become the focus at the Allegheny County jail. Until recently, officials at the lockup understandably concentrated primarily on inmate apparel. They typically opted for red and orange jumpsuits that, while not exactly chic, made accused lawbreakers easy to …

Heyl: Family gets piece of the pie at trivia

By Eric Heyl
Stupid is in the eye of the beholder. Surrendering valuable vacation time to participate in a partially submerged competition that charitably could be called inane probably strikes most people as dumb. But with our girls growing older, my wife and …

Pennsylvania legislators’ ‘successes’ hard to swallow

By Eric Heyl
Consider the glass half full, but cracked and leaking a sulfurous substance. The state Legislature is in its unofficial off-season. That’s the extended summer break lawmakers take when they scatter from Harrisburg in early July, not to return on a …

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