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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Take away their cars? Not so fast

By Eric Heyl
They need their wheels. You might not think that many Allegheny County officials require round-the-clock access to newer model vehicles paid for or leased at taxpayer expense. But then, you probably never considered the crises they often are forced to …

Heyl: Count fun on Penn Avenue bike lanes

By Eric Heyl
If the new Penn Avenue bike lanes were human, their loneliness probably would compel them to seek companionship on Internet dating sites. Two weeks ago, with much fanfare, 10 blocks of the eastbound lane of the busy thoroughfare were converted …

Heyl: Cats and dogs: It’s what’s for dinner in Pennsylvania

By Eric Heyl
Largely because of pigeons, it likely will remain legal to eat dogs and cats in Pennsylvania. Bear with me. This requires explaining. Granted statehood in 1787, Pennsylvania has approved many laws void of logic in the intervening 227 years. For …

Tipping really isn’t RB’s field

By Eric Heyl
They aren’t just batterers, they’re also cheapskates. It’s not fair to paint an entire group of athletes with such a broad brush. Still, anyone monitoring the off-the-field activities of NFL players last week couldn’t be blamed for drawing that conclusion …

Heyl: Meeting the press works for Peduto

By Eric Heyl
Appearing on “Meet the Press” is a prestigious achievement. But to be truly politically prominent on the national level, Popular Mechanics must express interest in interviewing you, right? The magazine did just that for Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, who less …

Heyl: An issue to seek teeth into

By Eric Heyl
Rare is the moment when the topic of cannibalism surfaces in a political campaign. The typical race includes boring debates on tax rates, disagreements over public education funding, and dull discussions on public pension reform. Conversations that touch on feasting …

Pennsylvania lawmakers have every reason to relax

By Eric Heyl
To: Pennsylvania state representatives From: State Elected Official Schedulers Inc. Re: Fall House schedule Dear Lawmakers, Welcome back (almost)! This communique is to remind you that the House reconvenes on Sept. 15 for its first voting session since July 2. …

Heyl: Chiefly speaking, McLay erred

By Eric Heyl
If Pittsburgh had poached its new police chief from Kathmandu, the situation might make some sense. Kathmandu is in the southern Asian nation of Nepal. Making the 7,700-mile trek from there to the Steel City takes approximately 30 hours and …

Heyl: Pennsylvania really needs your $14,500

By Eric Heyl
You can buy many spiffy things for $14,500. That amount, for example, is close to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of a no-frills 2014 Chevrolet Sonic. While it’s certainly no BMW, the Sonic is a relatively slick set of wheels …

Heyl: Here’s a crash course in driving Pittsburgh

By Eric Heyl
Our collective car keys need to be confiscated. Apparently when you get behind the wheel in Pittsburgh, you’re either in peril or causing it. Most of the city’s drivers range in skill from atrocious to abominable, though some of us …

Heyl: Rubber, Corbett expected to hit road as polls show likely loss in governor’s race

By Eric Heyl
The smell of burning rubber is wafting through Pennsylvania. It is the scent that results when the accelerator is floored, but the vehicle remains in park with its tires squealing. It is the scent of Gov. Tom Corbett’s re-election campaign. …

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