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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: Plum science teacher Zoldak’s experiments with slime could go ka-boom

By Eric Heyl
Time for a science experiment, Plum School District-style. Time to make slime. Such experiments usually are conducted at the elementary school level, but they do things differently in Plum. In that district, the manufacture of slime is an exercise in which ...

Heyl: Health-minded, trendy diners doom landmark eatery Del's

By Eric Heyl
Historically, this is a big blow to Pittsburgh’s Little Italy. For 65 years, Del’s Bar & Ristorante DelPizzo was one of the first things motorists ...

Heyl: Neighboring districts shy away from Wilkinsburg’s forbidden fruit

By Eric Heyl
To: Wilkinsburg School District board members From: Heyl Consultants LLC Re: Accentuating the  positive When selling an apple, emphasizing the skin’s brilliant red sheen often can distract from the potentially sale-killing worm hole. It’s best to keep that in ...

Heyl: Shuster, PennDOT, Orie Melvin shine in view from life’s sunny side

By Eric Heyl
Time to temporarily sheathe the poison pen. Unless they write exclusively about giggling infants, playful kittens or exceptional fabric softener, most columnists frequently hear from disgruntled readers. With minor variations, their complaints almost always read as follows: • “You’re always ...

Heyl: Does it mean hospitals? Hotels? Clinton’s ambiguous logo baffles voters

By Eric Heyl
Hillary Clinton’s desired destination is the White House, but don’t blame some people for assuming she’d prefer to visit the emergency room. That’s one of ...

Heyl: Some people put themselves into very taxing situations

By Eric Heyl
These people definitely find themselves in taxing positions. If you haven’t already filed your 1040s with the federal government, you have until midnight to do so. It’s Tax Day, one of the few occasions for which Hallmark does not make ...

Heyl: Candidates for county controller show lack of pride in serving public

By Eric Heyl
Bare-knuckle brawls in the political arena always are entertaining. But will the public ultimately be served when the candidates fighting for an elected office are masters of manipulation and slaves to self-interest? That’s the great unanswered question in the Allegheny County ...

Heyl: ‘Semi-retired’ pizza maker still working 6-day weeks after 50 years

By Tribune-Review
Fifty years is a long time to flip pizzas. Joe Giaramita marks that milestone Friday. He and his family will celebrate by rolling back pie ...

Heyl: Downtown newsstand turns the page, time and time again, to survive

By Eric Heyl
Fewer magazines, more made-to-order food. That’s proven to be the recipe for success at Smithfield News. In the evolving Downtown landscape, the newsstand has been ...

Heyl: Lessons loom large for teachers accused of inappropriate behavior

By Eric Heyl
Sometimes it’s the teachers who need to learn lessons. Especially those whose careers, and possibly freedom, are in jeopardy for allegedly engaging in grossly inappropriate behavior. An alarming number of Western Pennsylvania instructors recently have been accused of providing textbook examples ...

Heyl: Few cyclists utilize pedalers’ paradise of Penn Avenue bike lanes

By Eric Heyl
It was time to return to Desolation Drive. Or as it’s more formally known, the Penn Avenue bike lanes. In September, I spent an hour monitoring ...

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