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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: Memorial, notes of sympathy for lost eaglets goes beyond overkill

By Eric Heyl
Eagles have abominable reading skills. They are majestic birds of prey whose elegance in flight can have an almost hypnotic effect on observers. But they are incapable of understanding written words. Yet, some people left expressions of sympathy for two bald ...

Steel Valley elementary teachers, union violate ‘humanity’ contract

By Eric Heyl
UNITED FEDERATION  OF HUMANITY LOCAL 15120 OFFICIAL GRIEVANCE FORM Grievance filed against: Steel Valley Education Association Grievance alleged: The union representing Park Elementary School teachers filed a cruel, insensitive, unnecessary and ultimately impotent grievance against Steel ...

Wolf hopes he’ll strike gold in legislative mines

By Eric Heyl
Good will is worth its weight in gold in Pennsylvania. How valuable is it? Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is poised to spend $51.4 million in an apparent attempt to buy the affinity, if not necessarily the acquiescence, of the Republican-controlled ...

Famous people unlikely to help — or remember — Bill Robinson

By Eric Heyl
This could be the signature moment of Allegheny County Councilman Bill Robinson’s political career, and therein lies the problem. Something is wrong in American politics when a veteran elected official can be booted from the ballot for allegedly submitting overly ...

Heyl: All Mt. Lebanon did with failed culling is shoot itself in the foot

By Eric Heyl
Deer don’t chuckle, but Bambi just had the last laugh in Mt. Lebanon. On Friday, the municipality abruptly announced it was discontinuing its controversial deer culling program. Wise move. It was an exercise in inefficiency that did nothing for the ...

Heyl: PSU professor, fraternity, ex-President Spanier put hurt on spin doctor

By Eric Heyl
Lisa Powers can be forgiven if she has craved increasingly potent painkillers. The headaches Penn State’s public information director endured this week undoubtedly made the average migraine’s agony seem like a soft feather tickle. The actions of a university professor, ...

Heyl: U.S. Steel a major player in Pittsburgh ... chess set

By Eric Heyl
For more than four  decades, the 64-story U.S. Steel Tower has reigned as king of Pittsburgh skyscrapers. So it’s fitting that the city’s tallest structure ...

Heyl: Suddenly, ‘Bulldog Bob’ Casey up from cat nap

By Eric Heyl
The bulldog is showing his bite. Displaying what has become his trademark snarl, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey just buried his teeth into the collective ankle of Senate Republicans. He growled that they shouldn’t have tried to derail a potential nuclear ...

Heyl: Hats off to ’Burgh’s St. Paddy’s blowout

By Eric Heyl
Erin Go Bravo, Pittsburgh. We have empirical evidence to corroborate South Side anecdotes: Pittsburgh is the best city in the country when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The determination comes courtesy of Niche, a Shadyside consumer  research company that ...

Heyl: When it comes to 1936 disaster relief tax, liquor isn’t quicker

By Eric Heyl
This idea could open the floodgates to controversy. But it would immediately and significantly reduce liquor prices in Pennsylvania. It also would prove state officials are serious when they talk about modernizing Pennsylvania’s Byzantine, state-run liquor system. Those efforts currently resemble ...

Heyl: Wolf’s plan leaves no freeloader untaxed, from cradle to grave

By Eric Heyl
From cradle to grave and beyond, most of us are freeloaders. It’s time to pay our fair share. Gov. Tom Wolf’s recently proposed budget was a revelation. It shed light on an ugly state secret and apparently the primary reason why ...

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