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John Roberts’ damaging doctrine

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON The Supreme Court says the Affordable Care Act’s stipulation that subsidies are to be distributed by the IRS through exchanges “established by the state” should not be construed to mean what it says. Otherwise the law will not work ...

Questions for Hillary

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Hillary Clinton’s reticence is drowning out her message, which is that she is the cure for the many ailments that afflict America during a second Democrat presidential term. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has called her “the most opaque person ...

Let Greece go

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Now come Greeks bearing the gift of confirmation that Margaret Thatcher was right about socialist governments: “They always run out of other people’s money.” ...

McDonald’s ‘progressive’ reset

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON In January, McDonald’s, leaning against the winds of fashion, said kale would never replace lettuce on its burgers. In May, however, it said it will test kale in a breakfast meal (breakfast is about 25 percent of McDonald’s sales). ...

Our long path to limited government

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Americans should light 800 candles for the birthday of the document that began paving the meandering path to limited government. Magna Carta laid down ...

A vote for TPA is not a vote for Obama

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Before presidential politics — the game of getting to 270 electoral votes — completely eclipses governing, there is the urgent task of getting to 217 votes in the House of Representatives to pass Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). This would ...

The super PAC minuet

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Campaign finance “reformers” think America would be better governed if the government could thoroughly regulate campaign speech, which is speech about the composition and comportment of the government. Reformers scold the Supreme Court for construing the First Amendment as ...

Bernie Sanders’ socialist charade

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Does any stricture of journalistic propriety or social etiquette require us to participate in Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ charade? Is it obligatory to take seriously his pose of being an “independent” and a “socialist”? “Independent”? He caucuses with Senate ...

Undermining liberty: A summer break from campus muzzling

By George F. Will 9:00 p.m.
WASHINGTON Commencement season brings a respite from the sinister childishness rampant on campuses. Attacks on freedom of speech come from the professoriate, that herd of ...

Separation of campaign & state

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON A simple apology would suffice. Instead, campaign finance reformers, horrified by the predictable results of their handiwork, aspire to yet more regulatory wrinkles to limit political speech. These, too, would have consequences unintended and undesired by reformers, “requiring” a ...

Tim Kaine’s quest for war legitimacy

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON The Revolutionary and Civil wars ended in Virginia, which was involved, by the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, in the beginning of today’s war ...

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