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Standing athwart the administrative state

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON As the administrative state distorts America’s constitutional architecture, Clarence Thomas becomes America’s indispensable constitutionalist. Now in his 25th year on the Supreme Court, he is urging the judicial branch to limit the legislative branch’s practice of delegating its power ...

Low depths of higher education

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Give thanks this day for some indirect blessings of liberty, including the behavior-beyond-satire of what are generously called institutions of higher education. People who are imprecisely called educators have taught, by their negative examples, what intelligence is not. ...

Regulating conduct: The muzzle simply doesn’t fit

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Never has American freedom of speech been attacked so flagrantly, promiscuously and on so many fronts. The most egregious examples come from campuses and ...

O’Reilly makes mess of history

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Were the lungs the seat of wisdom, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly would be wise, but they are not and he is not. So it is not astonishing that he is doubling down on his wager that the truth ...

‘Progressives’ are championing freedom from speech on our college campuses

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Yale’s president, Peter Salovey, dealt with the Crisis of the Distressing Email about Hypothetical Halloween Costumes about as you would expect from someone who ...

Bill O’Reilly slanders Ronald Reagan

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Donald Trump is just one symptom of today’s cultural pathology of self-validating vehemence with blustery certitudes substituting for evidence. Another is the fact that ...

A confluence of sinister trends

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON The IRS scandal — the denial of essential tax-exempt status to conservative advocacy groups — demonstrates this: When government is empowered to regulate advocacy, it will be tempted to suppress some of it. And sometimes government will think like ...

Does Iran’s anti-Semitism run too deep for deterrence?

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Yale historian Timothy Snyder is indebted to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently made Snyder’s new book even more newsworthy than his extraordinary ...

The reality of fantasy sports

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Americans have been betting on sports since the first time a Puritan pilgrim boasted that his horse was the fastest in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and another said, “Wanna bet?” But fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly and ...

Fix the criminal justice system

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON The Republican Party, like Sisyphus, is again putting its shoulder to a boulder, hoping to make modest but significant changes in the Electoral College ...

The Supreme question for candidates

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON A supremely important presidential issue is being generally neglected because Democrats have nothing interesting to say about it and Republicans differ among themselves about it. Four Supreme Court justices are into the fourth quarters of their potential centuries — ...

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