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Joseph Sabino Mistick is a lawyer, law professor and political analyst. He lives in Squirrel Hill.

Don’t allow terrorists to steal America’s values

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
It is OK to be afraid. News of distant attacks by terrorist sleeper cells and the prospect of Syrian refugees resettling here naturally raise questions and can even cause a twinge of fear. But letting that fear change our fundamental ...

The GOP & the rabbit hole

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
On this 150th anniversary year of the publication of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” it is starting to look like much of American society has fallen down the rabbit hole. Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel described a young girl who slid down ...

What Pennsylvania’s shift to Democrats portends

By Tribune-Review
The hardest thing about losing an election is telling your kids. They are true believers. Winners with young families wake the kids as soon as they get home from their victory parties. Losers let them sleep until morning, buying ...

A most important vote

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
When it comes to Pennsylvania’s tradition of choosing judges in partisan elections, critics often contend that there is not one type of justice for Republicans and another for Democrats. Justice is the same for all, they say, regardless of party ...

In judging judges, throw back the red herrings

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
When it comes to electing judges, Thomas Jefferson often is cited for the notion that the people are just as competent to select judges as they are to choose presidents, governors, mayors and legislators. While he sometimes seemed to waiver, ...

Politics, Vegas-style

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
“Here we go again — four guys and a gal!” That’s how Pittsburgh Mayor Sophie Masloff kicked off the political debates in her 1989 campaign. And that is the way it looked when Hillary Clinton took the debate stage with ...

Issues, not labels

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
Guy Reschenthaler, the Republican candidate for the 37th District state Senate seat, must not have gotten the memo. In a recent campaign ad, Reschenthaler paraded out an old trope from the culture wars, calling Democrat Heather Arnet a “liberal.” Once ...

Pa. kids first victims of state budget stalemate

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
As the executive director of Allies for Children, Patrick Dowd is worried and he is sounding the alarm. The state budget impasse hangs like a sword over many programs that protect our children. And many of the proposed resolutions offer ...

Shots fired: Taking on Pittsburgh’s gun violence

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
In the early hours of a recent Saturday morning, the dispatcher’s crisp voice betrayed a practiced calmness. “Shots fired. As many as 16,” she said, into the darkness. With more details, officers responded quickly. Some were nearby. Others were farther ...

Trump, Sanders — Fetterman?

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, once considered novelty candidates, have folks thinking that anybody can win a big race. Trump, with all the personal charm of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, has made inexperience his calling card. Sanders, who wins ...

All of the hoopla, none of the gravitas

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
The Kentucky passion play starring Kim Davis, the county clerk who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, has all the hoopla of the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial and none of the gravitas of Thomas More’s defiance of Henry VIII. ...

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