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Joseph Sabino Mistick is a lawyer, law professor and political analyst. He lives in Squirrel Hill.

Go, Donald Trump, go!

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
In the struggle between the reckless and the guarded, reckless often wins. If just for a while. Donald Trump is living proof. His substance does not count for much, but his style — throwing caution to the wind and speaking ...

The new town square of American politics

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow,” according to Bill Gates. And if recent social and political changes are any indication, that square is teeming with citizens, compressing debate, exposing nonsense and driving solutions. ...

Homestead workers’ cause endures, resonates

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
If you walk that land now, 123 years later, you can feel the desperation, both sides throwing their lives into the breach, both sides fighting for control of the Homestead Steel Works. Be still, and you can hear the shouting, ...

The Supreme Court in flux

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
These have been heady days, after the U.S. Supreme Court recognized marriage equality across the land, upheld ObamaCare and refused to make it harder for victims of housing discrimination to prove their cases. And while it was a tough week ...

Achieving racial justice requires more than removing a symbol

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
While some Southerners wistfully cherish the Confederate battle flag, imagining simpler times, that flag has long been the unmistakable symbol of racism and bigotry to many more Americans. The Ku Klux Klan carried that flag during domestic terror attacks, often ...

Donald Trump’s cage match

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
Democrats gave thanks to the political gods again last week when Donald Trump announced he was seeking the Republican nomination for president. Beyond merely adding another name to the already overcrowded Republican field, Trump began his candidacy with, at various ...

The public’s stake in the Penguins deal

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
When the Pittsburgh Penguins announced that the hockey team is for sale, the public quickly was assured that there is no danger the franchise will relocate. “Move along. Nothing to see here,” seemed to be the official line. But sometimes ...

The art of burying the hatchet

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
A few days after the last election, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald did something that most politicians find hard to do. After losing his bid to defeat county Controller Chelsa Wagner by running former controller Mark Flaherty against her, he ...

Get your 2016 GOP score cards

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
“Ya can’t tell the players without a score card” was once the cry of vendors in baseball parks across America. With players’ names and numbers now emblazoned across their backs and their every move heralded by announcers and replayed on ...

Indpendence day for Pittsburgh, Allegheny County primary voters

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
“I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical,” said Thomas Jefferson. And if we take Jefferson at his word, he would have ...

The NFL draft of civic life: The primary election

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
Juvenal, the Roman satiric poet, believed that the citizens of The Eternal City relinquished their political passion and spurned their civic responsibilities in exchange for panem et circenses — bread and circuses. “Already long ago, from when we sold ...

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