Penn State's fate

| Sunday, July 22, 2012, 8:50 p.m.

To Colin McNickle:

Wow! What a mouthful! I, as a retired public-school teacher of 40 years' service, was greatly surprised and impressed by your strong to-the-point commentary “Penn State must die” (July 15 and on what is needed as a follow-up to the Penn State debacle.

I am displeased with many of the ridiculous, wishy-washy statements being made in defense of unaccountable, unprofessional, inappropriate Penn State actions, such as “Joe Paterno was not a god” and “men are expectedly fallible.” Not on million-dollar salaries, I say.

It is such reasoning that ensures that pedophiles will continue having their “success” within American society.

Whereas if strong action taken in dealing with Penn State prevails, there will occur a strong ripple effect that will haunt all public institutions from this day forward. Certainly such action will have a long-term positive effect, which is what this society wants and needs.

When I was in junior high, a teacher explained to my class why public buildings were not named after people until at least 10 years after such a dignitary had passed away.

But in the culture of Penn State there exist a mural from which a Paterno halo has been removed and a large statue devoted to one person. Coach Bobby Bowden made a statement concerning why the Paterno statue should be removed. It will become the focus of bad publicity every time PSU is viewed on national television.

This and several other newsworthy events involving men in high positions with million-dollar salaries prove that no man is worth several million dollars in annual salary.

A man paid several hundred thousand dollars can make decisions just as well.

To all who have said,”You can't take it with you”: All the accomplished fame of Penn State University's football program, JoePa has taken it with him.

Arnold Burchianti Sr.


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