Benghazi questions linger

| Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012, 9:03 p.m.

I found the news story “Jihad in Libya: A matter of economic uncertainty, some say” (Dec. 9 and unfulfilling in completeness. It alludes to why the ambassador was in Benghazi. The national media talk about U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and the White House misleading the public about the cause of the ambassador's death prior to the election. Both of these issues have great importance.

The most important question the story and the national press have avoided like the plague is: Who allowed these four Americans to die and why? With armed forces on standby and less than one hour away, we did nothing. Yet a member of the armed services recently died rescuing an American doctor overseas.

The president and his staff broke faith with the American armed services by blatantly allowing these four Americans to die. We unabashedly expect our men and women to answer the call to arms. They won't know whether or not they will be helped when placed in harm's way by our country.

Mr. President and Congress, what are you going to do when there is an executive order or declaration of war given and uniformed members of the armed services don't answer the call because you broke faith?

Ray Borkoski

Ford City

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