Short on facts

| Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012, 8:57 p.m.

It is nice that the Trib sees fit to include a column by a liberal in The Review, but could you not try to find an intelligent liberal? Isn't there some liberal writer who will actually try in a column to explain why the liberal position is correct and present some arguments as to why we should agree?

Joseph Sabino Mistick just throws out his views and expects everyone to agree with them, as he did again in his column “Change is here & so is resistance” (Dec. 16 and

His one attempt at some facts refers to a study by the Economic Policy Institute (an organization derided elsewhere in that same edition of The Review) that says workers in right-to-work states make less money than those in other states. This ignores that most of those states have a lower cost of living, especially when compared to such union states as New York and Illinois.

Does calling the Michigan bill “more a ‘right to steal the benefits that others have paid for' law than anything else” reflect reality? How does he explain what the UAW and the government-employee unions have done to the city of Detroit?

Please offer some explanation of why right-to-work laws are harmful — and be sure to include why so many union officials earn six- and seven-figure salaries paid by union dues.

If unions are such worthwhile organizations, shouldn't they be able to demonstrate to potential members why they should join, rather than forcing workers to join?

Jim Block


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