Guns aren't 'evil'

| Friday, Dec. 28, 2012, 8:58 p.m.

Regarding the calls for new gun-control laws from various media outlets: Evil was present at the beginning of time, will be present at the end of days, and is all around us. Evil cannot be banned, outlawed or legislated away. Evil cannot be eliminated any more than love can be eliminated. Evil will always find a way to further its agenda, whether with guns, knives, bombs, boxcutters or airliners.

There is a constant struggle between two opposing forces. Evil must be fought against each and every day, and on the best of days, we fight to a draw. Fight we must, but we cannot fight evil with peace and love. Evil does not recognize peace and love, which it abhors; it looks to destroy peace and love.

We must fight evil with overwhelming force, and to do that, we must have the right tools. Evil fights dirty and is cowardly. It does not attack military posts and police stations; it attacks places where people are unarmed and helpless.

Newtown, Conn., teacher Victoria Soto used her body to shield her students; colleague Dawn Hochsprung charged evil unarmed; the heroes of Flight 93 used a service cart in the aisle to fight back. I pray evil never visits me or my loved ones, but if that situation ever presents itself, I want the playing field to be level.

I will fight back with the weapons I legally, proudly and unashamedly possess. Guns are not evil. They are simply implements to use in the fight against people bound and determined to further evil.

James E. Penton

West View

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