Elections have consequences

| Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

On Nov. 6, I watched the election results come in from Arnold's precincts. The vote was overwhelmingly for President Obama. My slack-jawed expression revealed my amazement as the guy next to me said, “What'd ya expect? It's ‘DAUA' — Democrats as Usual in Arnold.”

I believe more than 47 percent of Arnold residents receive some sort of government entitlement — Social Security, Medicare, subsidized housing, government pension, welfare, food stamps, unemployment, etc.

Maybe city council, to balance its budget deficit, should tap those “rich people” in Arnold to pay “just a little more” as their “fair share.” Obama would contend, if they (the rich) are made to pay just a little more, Arnold could solve its financial woes.

Oops! I forgot! There are no rich people in Arnold. They left for better economic opportunities long ago.

Everyone who pushed that “D” button in November needs to remember elections have consequences. If you think circulating more cash from a government printing press and maxing out the credit card from the People's Republic of China bank is a good thing, remember this election. When your property taxes and utility bills take more money out of your fixed-pension pocket to pay for the big-government “free stuff,” remember your vote in November.

Someone has to pay for that free stuff, and there ain't no mo' money in that lockbox that you worked for. It was spent long ago.

David A. Scandrol

Lower Burrell

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