Budget grandstanding seen

| Monday, Jan. 7, 2013, 9:08 p.m.

In response to Greensburg Councilwoman Kathleen McCormick's letter “Budget ‘no' explained” (Dec. 19 and TribLIVE.com): Ms. McCormick is concerned about including revenue from the sale of property on South Pennsylvania Avenue in Greensburg's 2013 budget. Municipalities routinely include projected revenues, such as anticipated taxes, in their upcoming budgets.

McCormick cites the cost of health care, pension and wage increases. These are all valid concerns and honest discussions can take place. McCormick made no effort to have these discussions and she voted for these same wage increases that concern her. In actuality, the Fraternal Order of Police has, over the last several years, given concessions on pensions, hiring and health care, saving the City of Greensburg a significant amount of taxpayer dollars.

We were surprised by the “no” vote of Councilman Bill Eger, who was part of the budget committee. Mr. Eger cited “new information” as the reason for his last-minute “no” vote. Should the stewards of our tax dollars not elaborate on this information?

No plan for reducing spending was offered. If McCormick has a plan, let her offer it for legitimate discussion.

Councilwoman McCormick, when you were negotiating your wage increases with the Belle Vernon School District, we were the stewards of this great city of Greensburg. If you are a true steward of the taxpayers, then you should lead and not use council as a platform for political grandstanding.

Fraternal Order of Police, General Greene Lodge No. 56

FOP Lodge No. 56 represents Greensburg city police.

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