Wrong on wind credit II

| Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013, 8:53 p.m.

While claiming the wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) distorts the energy market, the editorial “The wind energy credit: A shafting grows” is a gross distortion of the facts.

The Joint Committee on Taxation's $12 billion cost estimate for the PTC is over 10 years, putting the cost per year at slightly over $1 billion, substantially less than the $4 billion a year that fossil-fuel companies receive while boasting extreme profits. They should give taxpayers back $4 billion a year to cover the health-care costs and property damage from extreme weather caused by the soot, carbon and methane released during excavation and incineration of oil, gas and coal.

Secondly, “windmills” grind flour and bring up groundwater; wind turbines employ 4,000 Pennsylvania steelworkers and power 229,541 homes.

Lastly, putting “the rich” in quotes, as if to imply that the Trib does not acknowledge social stratification, demonstrates how truly out of touch the Trib is, particularly in regard to economic issues. As journalists, the Trib's Opinion staff should be aware that quotes should only be used when quoting someone, not to demonstrate disbelief in the wealth of a select few overprivileged Americans.

Russell Zerbo


The writer is a Clean Air Council (cleanair.org) support-staff member.

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