Gun-fee idea misfires I

| Friday, Jan. 18, 2013, 9:14 p.m.

The letter “Assess fee to own guns” (Jan. 11 and by Jim Byrnes shows just what jerks we have in this country, as I see it. I believe that our Founders wanted all Americans to own guns to protect them from dictator types because that is exactly what most of those in politics are. They spout off that they want to be elected to serve the people, but they really want the power to serve themselves. By knowing that Americans have the ability to stop them, I believe that is reason enough alone to own all of the guns that one might want to.

I noticed recently that there were 115 people killed in Pakistan without using a gun. I also noticed that a woman tried to kill her ex by using a stun gun and dragging him with a car. Cars and bombs should be banned then, shouldn't they? I also read that a man wanted to build a bomb to blow up an iconic arch in New York City. I also heard that guns were used approximately 2.5 million times last year to protect and defend people. Why don't the media write about those happenings?

Like those who became dictators, only those who want to be dictators want to disarm the people.

Kerry Roberts

Belle Vernon

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