Leave it to the gynecologists

| Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, 9:05 p.m.

I was appalled to read the letter from the Rev. Holland correcting a trained gynecologist/obstetrician, Dr. Rapkin (Jan. 30).

Since when does a male, Catholic priest know more about gynecology/obstetrics than a female, board-certified gynecologist/obstetrician?

Give me a break.

Frankly, Rev. Holland, I am sick and tired of uneducated and uninformed conservative males such as you sharing their “knowledge” and free “advice” on gynecology and obstetrics issues. Rev. Holland, you are not a physician — so butt out.

Butt out of women's lives. Women are quite capable of doing their own research and fact finding.

Imagine that: Women go to gynecologists/obstetricians because they are experts in their field. We go to church for religion.

Being a priest does not make you an expert in gynecology/obstetrics. You have no firsthand knowledge on the subject either as a physician or as a patient. Your knowledge is based on reading material and talking points from the Catholic Church.

We need more doctors like Dr. Rapkin to step up and set the record straight against the misinformation from Republican lawmakers, the Catholic Church, and other misinformed conservative groups.

Thank you, Dr. Rapkin!

Diana Smith


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