Liquor plan a winner

| Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

Liquor plan a winner

The plan that Gov. Corbett has laid out to privatize liquor sales in Pennsylvania is a winning one, with benefits for everyone involved.

Consumers win big when Pennsylvania modernizes liquor sales. Privately run stores will be able to offer greater choice and better prices in the free market when compared with the current government monopoly. And no longer will we be inconvenienced by going to separate stores to buy beer, wine and liquor.

State employees win by getting opportunities for openings elsewhere in state government, while the unemployed also win with the hundreds of new jobs expected as a result of privatizing.

But most importantly, our children win big with Corbett's commitment to use the $1 billion in proceeds from selling off the government stores toward safety and education programs in our public schools, and toward cracking down on individuals who sell alcohol to minors.

Not often does a proposal from government come along that is such a win for consumers, employees and children, but by getting government out of the alcohol business, Corbett has done it!

Maury Fey


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