Bad for Pennsylvanians

| Friday, Feb. 8, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

Emperor Corbett continues to take Pennsylvania backward, one cloaked-in-darkness deal with Big Business at a time. His tax on gas stations will directly impact the average citizen, who will in turn pay higher prices at the pump. We will do this with less money in our pockets from higher local taxes because of this administration and his “no tax” pledge. A tax by another name is still a tax.

This governor promised jobs and has single-handedly taken away more than 1,500 family-sustaining jobs in recent weeks with closure plans for two prisons and a youth development center. Thousands more jobs will be lost when he privatizes the state stores and the lottery — both generate huge profits for the elderly and state coffers. Now, Big Business will fill those positions with low-paying jobs with no benefits while the CEOs will pull in astronomical bonuses — money that could be used for the citizens of the commonwealth.

This governor does not care what the Legislature thinks or what we, as citizens, think. He makes moves without due process, without waiting for a hearing and without the input of each of us. His cuts will hurt the elderly, the poor, our children and the disabled. But Big Business will continue to own our state a little bit more each day and will continue to profit from the “Delaware loophole” and huge tax breaks by this governor.

We don't need or want an emperor who rides on the magic carpet with Big Business. This emperor doesn't need new shoes, he needs a new home.

Kathy Jellison


The writer is president of Service Employees International Union Local 668.

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