Marriage & religion mutually exclusive

| Friday, Feb. 8, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

I'm writing about Rudy Gagliardi's Feb. 5 letter “Gays can change ways,” in which he spews religious dogma against homosexuality. The views of his religion should have no bearing on what the government's position on homosexuality is.

While Mr. Gagliardi and his religious compatriots may restrict matrimony to what their religion believes, the government can do no such thing. From the government's perspective, a marriage is simply a contract between consenting individuals.

The government's role is solely to recognize the terms of the contract, not stipulate that the parties have complementary genitalia. Moreover, marriage is not about some secondary purpose such as procreation. While religions infuse marriages with a divine purpose, there is absolutely no justification for it.

As Shannon Britton writes in her letter, “Gays' right to marry” (Jan. 15), the theocratic aims of those who view homosexuality as a sin against God are explicitly leading to the creation of a second tier of individuals who have their civil rights curtailed based on religion. This is similar to what occurs in some Islamic countries with non-Muslims.

As history has proven, the difference between theocrats of the Christian and Muslim varieties is only superficial, as both forms of supernaturalism, if given political power, spawn similar tyrannies.

Amesh A. Adalja


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