End prejudice against gays

| Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

As a concerned high school student, I'm increasingly worried about this nation's attitude towards gays, as demonstrated by Rudy Gagliardi's letter “Gays can change ways” (Feb. 5). Prejudice toward gays is equal to any other type of the discrimination, racial or otherwise.

Mr. Gagliardi implies that being gay is no better than being a pedophile. I am deeply offended by that remark, as I have gay friends.

He implies gay couples are not as qualified to raise adopted children as other couples. What arbitrary indicator does he have to prove or disprove the qualifications of an entire group of people?

The letter also makes religious references to say that being gay and gay marriage is immoral.

That makes me laugh. Anyone with a mature understanding of himself knows true knowledge and faith are derived from self-evident experience and critical thinking.

One's faith is not based solely on blindly believing in what's written in any book and ignoring context.

Furthermore, faith cannot possibly be about interpreting the Bible so literally that it makes radical Islamists laugh.

I urge anyone reading this to condemn the pernicious attitudes toward gays of Gagliardi and so many people across our nation.

To hate a segment of the population because of a random, single human trait that indicates nothing about character, intelligence or heart is pure ignorance.

Sterling Sorrow


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