Where's my free stuff?

| Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

Mr. Obama, where's all my free stuff? Fox News and Rush Limbaugh told me that people who voted for you were getting lots of free stuff. I've voted for you twice in anticipation of getting free stuff.

I know you're busy dealing with Republican congressmen. We actually have one of those fellas representing us here in Tarentum, thanks to gerrymandering. The first thing he did was vote against Superstorm Sandy recovery.

But I want my free stuff.

Every president I have voted for has given me lots of things:

• I first voted in 1972 and Richard Nixon gave me the Environmental Protection Agency and Watergate. He also opened China to outsourcing and was going to give me universal health care, but he resigned before he could implement it.

• Jimmy Carter gave us an economic mess.

• Ronald Reagan gave me a $200 billion savings and loan mess, Iran Contra, Star Wars and a bigger government than when he took office.

• George H.W. Bush gave me higher taxes after saying he wouldn't do that.

• Bill Clinton gave me the greatest peacetime economy ever and fodder for long, difficult talks with my daughters about how a president should act.

• George W. Bush gave me $2 trillion to $3 trillion in legacy costs in the Middle East, more outsourcing of jobs and two recessions.

Maybe it's time to vote for a woman to be president.

John Emery West Jr.


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