When will Congress listen?

| Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

We have spending cuts looming because the U.S. Congress has failed to do its job. Yet Congress is putting its failure on us. Why doesn't it cut the $85 billion from foreign aid?

This situation proves lobbyists have too much power in this country. They don't care what's happening to the country and the economy.

President Obama put two budget proposals before Congress and the Republicans shot them down. When is this foolish political jockeying going to stop?

When are these lawmakers going to give us tax reform? When are they going to cut the useless foreign aid, the entitlement program fraud and the foolish spending for congressional perks?

If Congress wants to cut, fine. Just don't do it on our backs. Cut the tax loopholes for big corporations and make them pay their fair share. Make sure wealthy people pay their fair share like the middle class does.

Although the current mess is our elected officials' fault, it's our fault too — we keep re-electing them. We definitely need term limits for all political offices.

We need to keep beating the drum and hopefully these guys will one day get it. If not, the next generation is in trouble.

John Tierney

Allegheny Township

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