More gay marriage

| Monday, March 4, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

More gay marriage

Only in America could the Defense of Marriage Act generate such animosity. If I had read the liberal playbook, I would have known that those who favor traditional marriage — one man, one woman — must hate homosexuals.

Using that logic, if you think:

• Our borders should be secure, you hate immigrants.

• Affirmative action is reverse discrimination, you must surely be racist.

• Abortion is government-sanctioned killing of the unborn, you must hate women.

• It's wrong to put a 65-pound pack on a woman, give her a rifle and send her into combat, you must hate women too. Is this what the normal person wants for his wife, daughter or granddaughter? Even feminism has it's limitations.

Presidents Clinton and Obama never served in the military, but were given the title of commander in chief with the power to send our sons and daughters to war. Clinton was clueless concerning problems associated with military life, which include morale, health and responsibility to family. Obama is exactly the same.

There was a time in America when you could hate the sin, but love the sinner. Apparently those days are gone forever.

Today, if someone disagrees with you — but can't win the argument with logic and facts — they accuse you of hate crimes and revert to name-calling. And if that's not enough, they attack your religion. That's disgusting!

Rudy Gagliardi


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