Be clear when criticizing gays

| Thursday, March 14, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

Since Oren Spiegler recently trashed my anti-gay comments (“Hate gays, stone adulterers,” Feb. 19), I feel compelled to clarify my remarks, which were taken out of context.

The normal world views marriage as a male-female encounter with reproduction as a natural outcome of that relationship. If the gay agenda were accepted as normal, none of us would be here using normal logic.

I am not a religious zealot. I enjoyed a 17-year very happy marriage with my late wife without children, by choice.

We are all good people and, if that is our choice, we should not be stoned, as Mr. Spiegler suggests. Perhaps my choice of words caused him to think otherwise.

My original comments dealt totally with the gay agenda and logic regarding reproduction. While serving in the military overseas, I was exposed in close quarters to gays, including officers, and it was a living hell. If Mr. Spiegler had that experience, I believe his comments would be different.

Everyone is entitled to his opinion and I'm proud to be in the minority of people with guts to say what they think and believe in.

Archie Atkinson

Lower Burrell

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