Scouts at Highlands

| Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

Scouts at Highlands

I attended a recent Highlands School Board meeting with my Boy Scout troop and I was ashamed at what the boys had to witness. The Scouts, all under the age of 13, had to attend as a part of a merit badge requirement and saw some members of the board acting unprofessionally and inappropriately.

The Highland's Little League wanted to know why it was not permitted to use the high school field this year, but Natrona Heights Baseball & Softball Association was. Some board members, who should know how to act in front of minors, yelled and gave evasive answers regarding why Highland's Little League can't use a community field.

We pay taxes just like everyone else in the district. Why can't the leagues merge? The new league could offer both Pony and Little League and let parents decide in which their child should play. If a merger occurred, we wouldn't have the issues with the high school field.

Eventually, one board member walked out. What is that telling the youth who were present?

This is inappropriate behavior from officials the next generation needs to look up to and respect. It's hard for me, as a leader, to instill in them the importance of good morals, values and respect for one another when adults behave this way.

All I ask is that certain school board members be aware of their audience and who is watching because you never know how you can affect a young person's view.

Ron King


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