Get to work, Mr. President

| Friday, March 8, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

The world is in turmoil, we are in the fifth year of the slowest economic “recovery” since World War II, we suffer high unemployment, see our children's careers postponed by a lack of jobs, our employers stopped from expansion by uncertainty, and we lurch from “crisis” to “crisis” — and that is not even considering the real dangers coming up: our ever-growing national debt, seemingly permanent unemployed class, underfunded Medicare and Social Security and the Herculean task of ObamaCare implementation.

If you were a company CEO facing a tenth of these challenges, you would cancel your vacations, start to plan for a solution for each challenge, call in your best associates and individuals important to the solutions and work with them on each. There would be early mornings and late nights. When necessary, it would include using a strong hand but also a lot of cajoling, persuading and cooperating.

Not our president; nothing gets in the way of his vacations or golf games.

Nor does he spend much time in the office — he would rather do a fundraiser or an appearance with his Hollywood friends.

Rather than reaching out to people who can help him, he insults and demonizes them. His technique in dealing with the big challenges is to ignore them.

Unfortunately there is no board of directors to give him a negative review and put him on probation. He has tenure for almost another four years and we can only hope that the republic has not been mortally weakened.

Ed Graf


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