Sequester Obama

| Friday, March 1, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

Sequester Obama

Re. the letter “When will Congress listen?” (Feb. 27): I agree Congress needs to listen. Unfortunately, the writer of the letter is not listening.

He blamed the Republicans for President Obama's budget being rejected, but in 2012, Congress rejected the budget by a vote of 99-0. Obama could not garner a single vote, Republican or Democrat. The budget was that bad.

Congress hasn't passed a budget since April 2009 — nearly the entire time Obama has been in office. The GOP-controlled House has sent the Senate two budget bills to cut spending, but the Democrat-controlled Senate wouldn't vote on them.

Sequestration — which was Obama's idea, even though he denies it now — would cut spending by only 2 to 3 percent. Republicans are holding out for less spending, Democrats for more spending and taxing. It sounds like your letter writer doesn't think this bloated government can give up 2 or 3 percent of its lavish spending on ridiculous things.

I agree this government has to stop its silly spending and that it's time to cut back on foreign aid. Why are we sending money to our enemies? That's a question that needs to be asked.

I am an independent and proud of it. Conservative? Yes, but you have to listen to both sides and decide.

Do you stand for our country, our roots and family values or for liberalism and socialism? Read and watch the TV news shows — NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox — if you truly want to hear both sides before deciding.

Lawrence Walker


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