Luke out, bums stay

| Monday, March 25, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Luke out, bums stay

Luke Ravenstahl is leaving the Pittsburgh mayor's office, and waiting to take his place are his political cousins. So, what does this mean for Pittsburgh?

Nothing. There will be some changing of positions, as whoever is elected mayor will bring in his or her “buds,” but “La Machine” will still call all the shots. What you can bet on is that:

• Taxes and social programs will continue to increase.

• “La Machine” will continue to cater to whomever to get the vote; whether it be catering to unions, those who refuse to work or illegal aliens doesn't matter. Just get elected and re-elected.

• The city debt will grow.

The voters will gripe and moan for three years. But in year four, when they go to the polls, they again will pull the lever for the same bums.

Every major city in America has severe problems; most concern the same things — taxes, property values, social programs and freebies. And yet the same bums get re-elected every time.

Why don't they just give out more free phones so their supporters can vote by texting?

John W. Newhouse


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