Guns, God & drugs

| Thursday, April 4, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

I recently went to renew my gun permit and was surprised to see the number of younger women, some with small children, applying for licenses to carry firearms. There also were quite a few elderly men utilizing their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

My guess is these law-abiding citizens wanted a gun for self-defense, not some criminal activity such as drug-dealing. The new gun permits are photo IDs, not slips of paper that are easily misplaced. One gentleman remarked, “If we can have a photo ID for a gun permit, why not one for voter registration?”

Good question! No one in our group refused to get a permit because of the photo requirement.

When my family moved to Arnold in 1939, gun permits were not required. Most families had at least one hunter and guns were readily available.

People could walk the street after sundown without fear of being shot or robbed. Most people didn't bother to lock their doors. Try that today and you have a good chance of being a crime victim.

What has changed? In the past, parents fulfilled the responsibility of caring for their children, teachers were still in charge of the classroom and uniformed policemen often walked a beat. Prayer was allowed in our public schools — our day began by reciting the Lord's Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. No one complained if a teacher wore a necklace with a cross, Star of David or any other symbol.

Today, drugs are a criminal enterprise destroying our country. Yet some feel our only recourse is to legalize drugs.


Rudy Gagliardi


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