Correcting Iraq spin

| Sunday, March 31, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Trudy Rubin's column “Casualties of war” (March 24 and is a classic example of political spin. She states, “The Iraq war was justified by (false) White House claims that (Saddam) Hussein was secretly building nukes and was in cahoots with al-Qaida” — conveniently selected words. The facts are different:

• Nuclear weapons components from a suspended program were removed prior to the invasion.

• Iraqi physicist Khidir Hamza testified before Congress in 2002 that Iraq was “in the final stages” of its uranium enrichment program and that the German intelligence service believed Iraq had enough bomb-grade uranium to build three nuclear weapons by 2005.

• Nuclear production facilities and uranium stockpiles were hidden inside hospitals and residences.

• Five hundred and fifty tons of yellowcake uranium were discovered and shipped to Canada in July 2008.

• Equipment for uranium-enrichment centrifuges was found.

• Iraq's chemical warfare program was active. Over 500 weapons were found.

• Maybe Iraq wasn't “in cahoots “with al-Qaida, but terrorist training camps were located — one complete with a commercial airline fuselage. Saddam funded many terrorist organizations including the PLO and Hamas.

The Trib opposed the invasion, but providing a forum for history's revision is yellow journalism.

Leo Patterson


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