'Book of Mormon' offensive

| Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Re: The play “The Book of Mormon,” being presented by PNC Broadway Across America at the Benedum Center: I have never been so appalled by a show.

I have been attending these shows since they were at the Civic Arena and this was the worst I have ever seen. The dancing and music were good and that's it.

The language was atrocious, including repeated use of an obscenity. There were girls getting female circumcisions and Jesus Christ being ridiculed and called an epithet. The young men who were Mormon disciples were alluded to as being gay.

This play is absolutely horrific and I am deeply offended. I'm sure Mormons, blacks and Christians also were offended.

I am a Roman Catholic and proud of my conservative views. This was not a family show and should have been performed in a dark cellar for sick people, not families. There were several young children in the audience.

There was no advance warning or notice about the offensive language. Had I known, I would have never attended this show. If there were a rating for this show, it would be “X.”

It is no wonder that our young people have no respect for life, women or people of other faiths and cultures. The sponsor, PNC, should be ashamed of the show it presented.

Connie M. Rusek


A version of this letter was sent to PNC.

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