The new Whigs?

| Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 9:01 p.m.

The new Whigs?

Several letter writers have decried the so-called “liberal” media giving conservatives a bad name. I think conservatives do just fine on their own on that point.

If they continue on the same path, the GOP may become the next Whig Party. By representing the 1 percent and railing on most of the rest of society, it could soon become extinct.

Saying no to everything is not leadership nor is it good for our country. A writer told us that recessions drive growth. When I was getting my “liberal” education at UCLA, I must have been sick the day we were taught that. But it's good to know: More recessions equal more growth.

Another writer told us how great the “Roaring ‘20s” were under President Calvin Coolidge. The author failed to mention the ‘80s, when the only things that roared were government spending/big deficits and scandals like the savings and loan crisis and Iran Contra.

President Bushes I and II were great. They destroyed more jobs in 12 years and racked up more government spending than we could imagine. Maybe we should elect another Bush (Jeb?) in 2016 so he can mess things up leading to the 2020s, which might roar like the ‘20s of old Silent Cal.

I need to get back to Fox News — the only “fair and balanced” news I can find.

John Emery West Jr.


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