Amnesty & GOP suicide

| Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 9:01 p.m.

With 23 million Americans jobless or underemployed, the Senate prepares to legalize 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens, saddling taxpayers with trillions of dollars in new entitlement costs post-amnesty.

With 70 percent of Hispanics voting Democrat, Texas and Arizona turning blue is assured. The GOP will mathematically be unable to electorally win the presidency. The Democrats' machinations are perfectly clear. Why the Republicans would join them while committing electoral and political suicide bears closer scrutiny.

A southern border invasion has changed demographics — not birthrates — altering the country's cultural and racial heritage through illegality. Ellis Island and border-jumping are not morally equivalent, and equating illegal aliens with our legal ancestors insults and diminishes them and the rule of law. Our ancestors did not demand we “press 2 for Gaelic or Italian.”

The GOP will reap no more electoral benefit from Hispanics this time than when President Reagan granted amnesty in 1986.

Pandering to racial politics, the GOP has abandoned conservative principles. This will lead to permanent marginalization when conservatives abandon the GOP.

Republican rationale for amnesty is so fallacious and destructive to itself and the nation as to be intentional.

Steven Donnelly


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