Toomey, Machin err

| Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

The actions of U.S. Sens. Toomey and Manchin to change the Second Amendment without an amendment process are exactly why the Founders, in their wisdom, had senators nominated by and beholden to state legislatures. They were to protect the sovereignty of their respective states, not to knee-jerk respond to public emotion based on events and polls.

There is no such thing in the Constitution as federal gun laws — only a provision that says “the right to bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” If the Senate wants to change the Constitution, it should follow the amendment process outlined in Article V.

The public has been so numbed over the Obama years that the expected uproar over yet another Obama federal power grab has been predictably muted. It is a sad day for America when a purported constitutional senator, Toomey, can publicly violate his oath of office and side for laws that are legal fictions.

The ironic part of this misguided legislation is that private sales are not regulated and guns can pass from anyone to anyone claimed as family or friend.

Of course, since criminals, who use whatever weapon to kill, always violate any law on the books, making more laws will have nothing to do to with solving the real problem — sinking morality in a nation in decline.

Andy Dlinn

Squirrel Hill

The writer is president of the PA Republican Leadership Council (

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