After the smoke clears I

| Monday, April 22, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

What is it about the Boston bombing that has brought the brakes down hard on the hysterical anti-gun jerk-reaction to the Connecticut shootings? Could it be the realization that the mules now running our government haven't a clue about anything in the real world outside of vote mining?

It almost gives me hope that the electorate will see through the veil, a savage world lurking beyond the blithe and ubiquitous mall, and come up with a massive electoral rejection. Though I doubt it.

That our head politician hasn't thrown his opinion as trump upon the pile, in my estimate, at least, is evidence that it was perpetrated by some agency whose identification has no political utility in further duping the dupes.

My guess is that the real culprits will be revealed only when the ruling pols decide that the truth is unstoppable. And that that decision is now in vigorous process.

Funny how the only thing vigorous about this whole administration is the extent to which it will go to lie. Or how far it will go if it thinks it's safe to threaten those who question those lies. Or how it will try anything that is totally untested but fashionable with, say, our country's defense, or the basic family unit, or running the economy with communist China as co-signer.

Come to think of it, it's not really that funny at all. But I meet too many people every day who think it is, or emote that it is inconsequential. And therein lies the root of my doubt.

I hope that ultimately I am wrong.

Ray Mosse


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