Conservatives should conserve

| Saturday, May 4, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

In regard to the editorial “EPA favors: Aid too far” (April 15 and, there's a reason “conservation” and “conservative” are related words: Both involve honoring what our ancestors left us and preserving it for future generations.

Democracy, privacy and the rights guaranteed us in the Constitution are civic traditions that we must honor and preserve. But conservatism should also extend to our natural resources, especially water.

Large industrial livestock operations produce hundreds of millions of tons of animal waste each year that all too often end up in our waterways. This is bad news for the people who live downstream of these operations, as well as for fishermen, sportsmen, beachgoers and the many small businesses that rely on them.

Congress passed the Clean Water Act to protect these Americans. The Environmental Protection Agency must enforce this law — and that starts with keeping track of where the animal waste in our public waterways is coming from.

Eric Rosenquist

Squirrel Hill

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