Remembering Bill King

| Friday, April 26, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

Remembering Bill King

This letter is to honor the memory of Bill King, who spent a lifetime dedicated to preserving God's gift of soil.

Sadly, Mr. King passed away recently. Without a doubt, he spent most of his career as Armstrong County agricultural agent, helping and teaching farmers to contour their rolling Pennsylvania farms.

It takes Mother Nature 100 years of composting in the woods to make an inch of top soil. Cornhoggers, who totally disrespect the proven practice of contouring, can wash it away in five minutes under the right weather conditions. Cornhoggers planting fence-row to fence-row — right through contour strips and even grass waterways — must think they're in Kansas or Nebraska. They plant corn back to corn, then beans, and back to corn again, depleting the soil's organic matter, turning it into gunpowder to wash into the watershed.

If you rent or lease your farm and might be concerned about how your tenant is using your property, go to that farm and see if the tenant is planting straight up over their hills with no contour strips.

James Shilling

New Bethlehem

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