The dyslexia of liberalism

| Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

I believe liberalism is like a form of dyslexia, where thought processes are backward and upside down and actions are motivated by feelings, with little regard for facts, reality and common sense.

Consider the following examples:

• Liberals think guns, not people, kill people and that viewing brutal violence and killing in liberal-produced movies and video games has absolutely no affect on people's thoughts and actions.

• So-called “Catholic” liberals place liberalism above their salvation. They betray their faith by voting for an ultraliberal president and politicians who are attacking Catholic religious beliefs and freedoms. Why do they consider themselves Catholic? It's irrational.

• This country's greatness generally is attributed to its belief and trust in God, its Judeo-Christian values and its Constitution. The liberals want to end that.

• If you work hard and become successful, liberals believe you should be thought of as the “evil rich.” Then much of your earnings should be confiscated and given to able-bodied people who are not required to work or subject to drug testing. They can spend other people's hard-earned money on anything they wish.

• Liberals think that sodomy is A-OK, as is same-sex marriage.

This is not Democrats vs. Republicans. This is rational thinking and values vs. twisted, convoluted, godless and destructive thinking.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, it's time to quit being intimidated by those who call us judgmental, uncaring, intolerant and racist and stand up against this cancer spreading throughout our country.

Bob McBride

West Deer

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