Wind power beneficial

| Tuesday, April 30, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

If the real facts were even close to those presented in the howling anti-wind-power editorial “Wind logic” (April 22 and, I would agree with it. But the real facts are totally different.

The Energy Information Administration just updated the capital costs of all forms of electric generation. The capital costs for wind fell another 13 percent just since 2010, as turbines have gotten bigger and more efficient and produced more electricity.

New wind-generated electricity has pushed down wholesale electricity prices across America, saving consumers hundreds of millions of dollars in electricity bills. That's one reason why the 10 states with the largest percentages of their electricity generated from wind all have electric rates below the national average.

Wind creates jobs, pollution-free electricity and lower electric bills for consumers.

John Hanger


The writer, founding president of Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future ( and former secretary of the state Department of Environmental Protection, is a candidate for the Democrats' 2014 gubernatorial nomination.

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