Necessary protection

| Saturday, April 27, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Here's a question for the anti-gun folks.

Say you live in Watertown, Mass., and were following events as hundreds of police had everything closed down while they desperately searched for the surviving Boston Marathon terrorist. As it got dark outside, you began to wonder if the search would take longer. You also started to think: “What if this crazed, desperate terrorist tries to break into my house and shoots my family? What do I have on hand to protect them?”

Of the following three items, which would have been your best defense?

• A 6-inch steak knife

• Little Timmy's baseball bat

• A .38-caliber semiautomatic weapon with the largest ammo clip you could buy.

I'm sure even the most adamant anti-gun activists would get the answer right. And just maybe they would have to admit that guns are a very important necessity today in protecting yourself and your family.

Walter Oliver

Penn Hills

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