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Liberals don't get terrorism

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Monday, April 29, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

This letter concerns the brothers Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon terrorists.

The younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has lived in this country since 2002 and is an America citizen. He went to college and did what many college students do — smoke, drink and run around with girls.

Then he apparently got an epiphany via his brother, Tamerlan, that he should embrace a radical brand of religion. To convince us infidels that his brand of religion is the only true religion, he blows up people.

There's a sure-fire way to proselytize and convince others to join your religion: Convert or die, infidel. How absurd.

This guy and his brother killed three and wounded 260 others, including 14 who required amputation.

The scene that struck me most was a guy pushing a wounded man in a wheelchair. Both of the wounded man's his legs had just been blown off by the pressure-cooker bomb and he was still conscious despite his legs hanging in bloody shreds of flesh.

Despite this, some politically correct liberals want us to believe there was no wider conspiracy, that these two acted alone. I say they just fell in with the wrong crowd — the terrorist crowd.

Wake up, you P.C. liberals, and thank God it wasn't your family member killed or maimed by a terrorist bomber.

Despite Sept. 11 and despite April 15, many Americans still don't have a clue what this is all about. They are clueless.

George Wesolosky


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