Mourning his hometown

| Monday, May 6, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Mourning his hometown

One of the worst things that happened to Tarentum was the closing of Tarentum High School. The town lost its identity.

Having grown up in Tarentum (1933-1950), I call it my hometown. I enjoy reading about it through the Internet.

At one time, in the Valley Daily News newspaper, there was a column titled “Around the Valley” or something else close to that. I am now 83, have been gone from Tarentum since about 1950 and have traveled the world in the course of military duty. I look back upon those days of grade school and high school (1936-48) with fond reflection.

Tarentum High School had Dreisher, Ernie Hefferle, “Hack” Holliday, Jack Clark, “Buster” Warringer, Floyd “Dixon” Anthony, all great and good athletes. West Tarentum (my area) was a source of athletic prowess for the high school.

I doubt if you asked anyone where the Tarentum Opera House was located that they could tell you, but we did have one: corner of Corbett Street on the side where the “Greeks” diner was located.

Perhaps there are persons who would contribute an article every so often to keep alive the history and good times of Tarentum. In 1948 or 1949, Tarentum held its centennial and a great time was had by all. People were proud of their community.

From what I read now, the “Valley” (Tarentum, Brackenridge, the Heights, New Ken, Arnold) is nothing but a shooting gallery and a drug enclave.

What has happened to the pride people take in their community? Are the inmates running the asylum?

John Gilboux

San Antonio, Texas

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