Jambalaya & VND baloney

| Tuesday, May 7, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

I read with disbelief your April 25 article “Thank Marcellus shale drillers for the good jambalaya in Pa.”

It is amazing you would find the space to print an article about the cuisine of the Marcellus drillers, but disregard the overwhelming information that should be printed about the devastation being caused by these drillers to our state's water, soil and air, not to mention the health problems suffered by those close to the drilling.

You continue to ignore the consequences of Act 13, which precludes local zoning of this industry and allows drilling and its polluting activities near homes, schools, etc. The consequences of this law are certainly more important to your readers than promulgating the eating habits of the drillers.

We saw the catastrophe in West, Texas, when a fertilizer factory blew up in a residential area. Pennsylvania residents will be open to the same type of misfortune should Act 13 be allowed to stand.

But VND readers, do not fret: Your paper will continue to keep you uninformed and filled with more of the gas industry's hot air.

And it is clear from the article that the jobs promised by the gas industry to Pennsylvanians continue to be held overwhelmingly by out-of-state residents. The industry's touting of job-jobs-jobs is just more Marcellus baloney being shoved down our throats.

Shame on the VND for aiding and abetting this illusion.

Ron Slabe

Upper Burrell

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