Guns a public health issue

| Sunday, May 19, 2013, 11:20 p.m.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the issue of gun safety should no longer be left in the hands of our Congress. Gun manufacturers and their political contributions completely control the votes of many legislators. All it takes is a well-placed lobbyist with money from rich gun manufacturers and a checkbook to corrupt a politician's objectivity.

Decisions about gun safety should be handled by people who are objective, well-informed and immune to monetary persuasion. This clearly does not describe the current U.S. Senate.

These life-and-death decisions about gun safety should be in the hands of public health professionals because this is a public health issue. We must listen to our eminently qualified public health professionals who have studied the issue for years. They know, for example, that more guns do not make us safer. This is a fact — not a random anecdotal story that proves nothing — based on significant data collected and analyzed by experts.

Many think we need to replace Congress members who vote so irresponsibly on gun bills. I say take the decision out of their hands and give it to the people who understand it — our public health professionals

Mary Landkrohn


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