Re-elect Mayor Kish

| Friday, May 10, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

Re-elect Mayor Kish

Re. the Brackenridge mayor's race: I question how accurate challenger Joe Nasser's views are regarding the borough police department's spending and what influence he believes the mayor has on this spending. The mayor does not vote to hire police or approve spending — only the council does.

I've attended at least 10 of the last 12 council meetings, but seen Mr. Nasser only at the last three. Is he so well informed on borough matters that he feels he should be mayor? Does he understand the needs of the residents outside of the police spending issue?

In the May 8 article “Police costs issue in Brackenridge race,” Nasser says he views the mayor's role as being a watchdog and “would voice my opinion.” I heard his voice at only one meeting and it was a complaint, one corrected by borough workers.

There is more to Brackenridge than our police force — the ATI construction project issue, for example. Mayor Tom Kish has an established relationship with ATI. He's in constant contact with ATI and the residents living next to the project, which includes me. Why would we jeopardize what's in place by electing a new mayor?

Tom is available by phone and in person to all residents 24/7. If someone has an issue, Tom is there to assist. He calls the council member for that ward and together they work to rectify the situation. I am very satisfied with our mayor and how seriously he takes the job.

It would not be prudent to elect a new mayor.

David C. Marchese


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