No need for New Ken change

| Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

New Kensington Council candidate Ron C. Balla's signs tell us to “say no to the status quo.” In the May 15 letter “Time for Balla,” the writer says “I believe it's time for a change ... time for new thinking and new ideas.” The writer failed to say why we need change or what Balla's “new ideas” are.

Would you change into shorts during a blizzard simply because you have worn a snowsuit for a few days? Change can be the right thing, but only if there is reason to believe the change will make things better. Based on what I've heard from candidate Balla, not only is he not ready for the seat, we can't afford to give up the gains the current council has made.

Ron Balla is a change that we can't afford.

I will be voting for Tom Guzzo for mayor and Todd Mentecki and John Regoli for council. That's because we now have better streets, less crime, improved parks, a larger police force and a wide-network neighborhood watch.

These and many other things prove them to be the right people at the right time.

Donald L. Clay

New Kensington

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