IRS 'useful idiots'

| Thursday, May 23, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

IRS ‘useful idiots'

While watching the theatrical “meltdown” of Jon “porta-potty” Stewart regarding the trifecta of criminal and unjustifiable scandals embroiling President Obama, his minions and lickspittle press, it occurred to me that I have no idea what it would take for the entrenched left to forsake its holy grail, which amounts to socialist, all-encompassing government.

Stewart has obviously taken these events as an incidental justification for nut-job conspiracy hacks and not as evidence of the essential correctness inherent in the conservative argument for limits on government, mostly for legally (dare I say, morally) grounded self-restraint.

The Framers of our Constitution had seen abuse of power with their own eyes, experienced it in their daily lives and correctly projected the impracticality native to a coherent, massed ruling power in sustaining any semblance of justice. Their hoped-for solution was their imposition of a legal system of checks and balances, which the left has always been so eager to discard.

This has many parallels with the Russia of Solzhenitsyn's description, one of liberal politicians, students, professors and other “useful idiots” who advocated and worked toward abandonment of the rule of universally applicable law prior to their placement in front of firing squads in 1917. While no firing squads are imminent here, it seems to me the IRS, in a further regression, has eliminated some of its “enemies” from the political Colosseum on the emperor's “thumbs down.”

Ray Mosse


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