Obsessed with privatization II

| Friday, July 5, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

The Trib is obsessed with privatizing the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits stores. Not a day goes by without a column on all the negative effects of having liquor sold by the commonwealth.

Right now, the state stores are thriving, their sales are providing huge revenue to the taxpayers, and people who work there actually make a living wage and pay their taxes. They are not on food stamps or other government handouts.

I have been to other states and privatizing does not lower the sales price or increase the selection of alcohol. Private licenses mean smaller inventory; those stores cannot buy in bulk like the state stores do. So why would you want to end one of the few government businesses that is profitable?

And why is the Trib on this endless witch hunt to privatize? What's in it for the Trib that it is devoting so much time and space in the newspaper?

What did Gov. Corbett promise in return for bringing the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board down?

With all the other problems facing the Legislature — unemployment, drug trafficking, funding PennDOT — having more places to buy cheaper alcohol should be the least of its concerns.

Diane Bialecki


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