Irresponsible youth

| Friday, June 21, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

The paid “Q and A” advertising that appears in Section C of the Trib on Sundays provides readers the invaluable opportunity to question experts on legal, criminal and other matters. I found a question in the June 2 ad from a grandparent on a legal matter sufficiently interesting to write about.

The grandparent had co-signed a school loan for a granddaughter who “decided not to work and go on welfare,” and the government wants to sue and take the grandparent's house. The granddaughter deciding not to work and to go on welfare speaks a mouthful about a large chunk of what ails the good old U.S. of A., which is getting further and further away from what it used to be in teaching youth responsibility early on at home and in school.

So, we have another irresponsible student or dropout who has become a “gimme” welfare-entitlement member of society. It's a better-than-even bet that the granddaughter voted for President Obama and is a likely candidate for deprogramming from the liberal/progressive brainwashing she has received.

It also seems evident that there's been a generation gap or void in teaching the granddaughter responsibility, with the grandparent belatedly inheriting parental responsibility, as is often the scenario these days.

Clay Stover

West Newton

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