A closer look at 'anti-drillers'

| Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Regarding the letter “Gas needed, not ‘Gasland II'” (July 1 and TribLIVE.com), in which Murrysville's Maury Fey ponders why the movie's director, Josh Fox, would produce such an anti-natural-gas-industry movie: I would suggest that we need to simply look to the entities (coal, Middle East oil-producing nations, etc.) suffering serious financial harm due to this historic surge in natural gas production.

Here is but one example: In 2011 (the latest year for which data are available), New York state used 540 million gallons of fuel oil at a cost of about $2.5 billion, per the U.S. Energy Information Administration website. New York's statewide fuel oil use has decreased by more than 50 percent since 2007 while its use of natural gas has continued to climb.

The New York Oil Heat Association's website says, “(W)e stop at nothing to represent the industry's interests.” Well, New York fuel-oil interests certainly cannot show up at a public anti-drilling protest and shout, “Our fuel oil sales are down dramatically; this fracking is bad for the environment.” However, I wonder how much funding of anti-drilling groups (and silly movies) can be justified when your industry or foreign nation is facing the ongoing loss of billions of dollars.

And I wonder when some enterprising young reporter is going to thoroughly investigate possible connections between the anti-drilling crowd and groups from whom market share is being captured.

Karl Kimmich


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