Stick to governing

| Monday, July 22, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Having followed the Trayvon Martin case from the beginning, it is obvious that the Obama administration has done anything possible to convict George Zimmerman.

Would blacks want justice applied to them in this manner?

Six female jurors unanimously concluded that the prosecution failed to prove that George Zimmerman did not act in self defense and fear for his own life while his head was being beaten on the pavement. This was particularly evident when the prosecution's best witnesses actually supported the defense's contentions.

But the case won't stop. Certain civil rights leaders — Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous of the NAACP, and Eric Michael Dyson from Georgetown University — are demanding that the Justice Department prosecute George Zimmerman a second time under the Civil Rights Act for committing a “hate crime.”

This is particularly ludicrous given that the prosecution could not show any evidence that George Zimmerman acted hatefully or with animosity toward Martin because of his race.

It is well past time that this administration started minding its own business (unemployment, the deficit and foreign affairs, all of which are in shambles) and stop interfering in state and local issues in order to prosecute this man twice.

With all of the other issues on our table, doesn't this administration have anything better to do than promote racial disharmony?

Michael Contes

New Kensington

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