Mischaracterizing history

| Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Regarding the letter about mischaracterization from Jim Ferlo (July 7), who is mischaracterizing whom?

Liberals don't know what freedom is. Freedom is a lack of constraints, restraints and control over people. Government is power and control. More freedom means less government.

The people who founded this nation knew that very well. The liberals' (or progressives') answer to any real or imagined problem is more government regulations and laws.

Talk about mischaracterizing!

Mr. Ferlo presents liberals as staunch defenders of freedom. He says they fought to preserve democracy against fascism in World War II.

He is in need of a history lesson. There was only one statesman on the entire planet trying to warn people about the evil of Naziism and fascism amassing and accumulating power. He was no liberal. He tried to warn his countrymen not to neglect their defenses. He was called a warmonger and scaremonger. He was alone and mocked. That was Winston Churchill.

FDR and his liberal allies turned a blind eye to Hitler and Mussolini. FDR almost totally neglected America's defenses. Thousands of Americans paid the ultimate price for that neglect. What FDR and liberals did in the 1930s are hardly criteria for being staunch defenders of liberty.

Also, regarding his reference to the McCarthy investigations of the ‘50s, I highly recommend that Ferlo read M. Stanton Evans' book about Joseph McCarthy, “Blacklisted by History.” The FBI told the Roosevelt and Truman administrations about the penetration and infiltration of Communists into the U.S. government.

So, the mischaracterizing is all by Ferlo. Liberals are the ones destroying freedom in this country. To admit that about liberal ideology would be to destroy their “morally superior” narrative.

John Brunner

Lower Burrell

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